UGA Heritage:

A Letter from Jeremy Mack

Dear Emerald Coast UGA Club,

Thank you very much for your kind package! People are always asking me what I would want mailed in a gift package (thinking hand sanitizer and beef jerky) and I have to constantly remind them I just want UGA stuff.

I imagine its rough being a UGA club in Florida. It's difficult in Bravo Battery as well. My last platoon sergeant and battery first sergeant were both from Florida and UF fans. The other platoon sergeant is an Alabama fan and the commander graduated from South Carolina. So, we're a very SEC Battery.

A little about us, we are a 155mm howitzer battalion out of Baumholder, Germany. We deployed to Iraq around this time last year and have a dual mission of both artillery fire and patrolling. During the course of this deployment, Bravo Battery has had platoons of engineers doing route clearance, radar operators, combat outpost security, and even a platoon of Iraqi Army. So, the commander stays very busy with his many roles. I concentrate solely on howitzer fire and wouldn't trade it for anything.

We are within a few months of going home and everyone is now very excited. I'm planning on staying in Europe for leave but, the next time I am in Panama City, I will definitely want to stop by the Calypso Sports Grill to thank you all in person!

Also, Go Dawgs!

Jeremy Mack
First Lieutenant, Field Artillery
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