UGA Heritage:

Vance Family

J. Thomas Vance,(’68 BBA), (’71 JD), is a member of a unique fourth generation UGA alumni legacy.

It all began with his mother’s father, Thomas Herndon, who received his BA in 1909. Later, his daughter, Luta, finished in 1937 and married Joseph Lewis Vance who earned his degree in 1933. Thomas Vance (Tommy) married Karen, Johnston, ’71 BSED.

Tommy practices law in Carrolton and Karen works at the Carrolton Cancer Center. They also have a son, J. Andrew Vance who graduated in ’99 with a BBA in Real Estate and works in that field in Atlanta.

In addition, Tommy has a sister, Shirley Vance Hughes, (’63 BBA), who was an honor graduate in Economics and now lives in Tyler, Texas.

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