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Terry Centennial Legacies

Terry College publishes a quarterly magazine which is mailed to their alumni and friends.  The last edition (Spring, 2012) is a special publication filled with information regarding their centennial being celebrated this year. A particular section highlights 14 families of at least three generations with ties to Terry. As the article by Charles McNair explains, these alumni “are among the most accomplished and best known.

He includes the Ansley family of Atlanta made up of Wiley Ansley. BBA ’56, Sally Ansley Woodall, BBA ’82, and Darryl Aldridge. BBA ’09, MS ’10.  Next, he focuses on the Benson family featuring Ed Benson, BBA ’42, Larry Benson, BBA ’74, Will Benson, BBA ’03, and Oonagh Lynch Benson, BBA ’05.  Another Terry family legacy is made up of Richard W. Courts, Jr, AB ’18, Malon Clay Courts, AB ’29, Richard W. Courts II, BBA ’59, and Richard W. Courts IV, BBA ’95.  Another legacy incudes Frank Hanna Jr., BBA 61, Frank Hanna III, BBA ’83, JD 86, David Hanna, BBA ’12, John Hanna, BBA ’12, and James Hanna, M ’13.

The Holmes family features J. Paul Holmes Jr., BBA ’63, J. Paul Holmes III, BBA ’85, Sam Holmes, BBA ’87, Paul Holmes IV, BBA ’12 and Sims Holmes, M’14.  Two Knox families are cited One is made up of Boone Knox, BBA ’58, Jeff Knox, AB ’84, Catherine Davis Knox, BBA ’83, and Jefferson Knox Jr., BBA ’11.  The other Knox family includes Wyckliffe A. Knox Sr., BSC ’32 Wyck Knox Jr., BBA '62, LLB ’64, Davis Knox, BBA ’98, and Hardman Knox BBA ’98.

The Leebern family legacy lists Donald Melwood Leebern, BSC ’37, Don Leebern Jr. M ’60, Fate Leebern, M ’63, Douglas Leebern BBA ’74, and Dalee Leebern Merrill, BBA ’05.  The Nalley family is made up of C.V. Nalley Jr. BSC ’36, Jim Nalley, BBA ’66, Street Nalley, BBA ’01, and Clay Nalley, BBA ’03.  The Paris family Terry Alumni legacy includes Thomas Paris Sr, BSC ’30, Thomas Paris Jr., BBA ’61, Trey Paris, BBA ’84, MBA ’85, and Elizabeth Paris Hagood, BBA ’85.  William A. Rooker Sr, BSC ’33 , heads up a legacy of Bill Rooker, BBA ’58, Jack Rooker, BBA ’60, Penn Rooker, BBA ’65, Gil Rooker,, BBA 93, and John Rooker, BBA 02.

The well known Selig family includes Simon Selig, BSC ’35, Steve Selig III, BBA ’65, Blake Selig, BBA ’95. And Scott Selig, MBA ’95.  The Stelling family boasts eight members connected with Terry College including Kessel D. Stelling, BBA ‘45, Ed Stelling, BBA ’77, Kessel Stelling, BBA ’78, Mitch Stelling, BBA ’89, Chris Stelling, BBA ’07, Daniel Stelling, BBA ’09, Drew Stelling, BBA ’10, and John Stelling , M ’15.  The Young family includes William D. Young Sr., BBA ’54, Bill Young Jr., BBA ’78, Howard Young, BBA ’82, and William Young III, M ’15.

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