UGA Heritage:

Cox-Cunningham Family

legacyccCarolyn Wildes Cunningham (ABJ '77) is part of a three generation UGA legacy.

Jubal Anderson Early (J.A.E.) Cox '29, affectionately known as "Alphabet" Cox, graduated with a bachelor of science degree in agriculture. While at UGA, he helped train the football team.

A vocational agriculture teacher, Jubal also was a County Extension agent in Nahunta, Hazlehurst, and Woodbine, Georgia. An ally of both Governor Eugene Talmadge and Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tom Linder, Jubal was successful in appealing to the Governor to pave the road through Folkston and Burnt Fort to U.S. 17, recalls Jubal's son, Hayden Allen Cox.

Born in Dunwoody in 1917, Hayden was the first child of Jubal and Lola Mae Allen Cox. Three years later, they became the parents of Carolyn Edwina Cox.

Hayden (BSA '30) was a football player for the Bulldogs until he sustained a concussion. After college, he served in the U.S. Navy as an electrician during World War II. A Graybar Electric Company retiree, Hayden resides in Tampa, Florida.

Hayden's ister Edwina (BSHE '41) transferred to UGA from the Georgia State College for Women in Milledgeville. Chosen Sponsor of the Redcoat Band, Edwina also was a staff writer for The Red and Black.

Following her graduation, Edwina worked for the Augusta Arsenal during World War II in the payroll department. She was a Home Demonstration agent for the Georgia Cooperative Extension Service in Folkston / Charlton County. There she met her husband of fifty-one years, Lawrence James Wildes, and the two later had two children, Carolyn Edwina Wildes and Lawrence James Wildes, Jr.

While at UGA. Carolyn (ABJ '77) was elected administrative vice president of the Student Government Association and established the Freshman Council - now in existence as the Freshman Board and the Freshman Forum. Like her mother, Carolyn also was a staff writer for The Red and Black.

Carolyn and her husband of twenty years, John G. Cunningham, are the parents of Cara, Anna, and John Lawrence. Carolyn's husband also attended UGA to complete graduate courses in education during the same time she was on campus, but they did not meet until several years later at their church, First Baptist Atlanta, of which they are still members.

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