UGA Heritage:

The Treanor House


The Treanor House was acquired by the University in the 1990s to house the Institute of Community and Area Development.

The Treanor House was named for the Treanor family and is located on the site where Catherine Carleton Freeman’s first home was built in 1821. The home was originally located on a 100-acre farm across from the Wilson Lumpkin Plantation on Watkinsville Road (now South Lumpkin Street).

The home belonged to dozens of owners through the years, underwent a number of expansions and renovations. In 1935, when it was purchased by the Treanors, it had reached its present arrangement and included 25 adjoining.

The Treanor family lived in the home for 52 years. Since the University acquired the building, it has been used for a variety of activities. Today, the building is located across the street from the Georgia Center for Continuing Education.

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