UGA Heritage:

Frank Foley Field

"Judge" Frank Foley

The University of Georgia baseball field was named “Frank Foley Field” in 1967 in honor of “Judge” Frank Foley of Columbus, Ga.

Foley was a pitcher on the UGA championship baseball team in 1908. After graduating from UGA, Foley attended law school at the University of Michigan and earned his Bachelor of Laws in 1910. That same year, he began to practice law in Columbus. From 1913 through 1922, he served as Judge of Recorder’s Court in his hometown. This resulted in his friends affectionately calling him “Judge.”

Foley later became a university trustee and president of the Alumni Society from 1942 to 1945. He was a staunch supporter of Bulldog athletics and a financial contributor to the Red Coat Marching Band.

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