UGA Heritage:

Snelling Dining Hall


Left to right: Snelling Dining Hall, Charles M. Snelling

Snelling Dining Hall, originally called Ag Hill Dining Hall, was built by the Public Works Association in the late 1930s and has served as a cafeteria since its completion in 1940. It was renamed in memory of Charles M. Snelling, a former UGA chancellor.

Snelling was born in Virginia in 1862 and graduated from the Virginia Military Institute. He came to Georgia in 1886 and held teaching posts at Georgia Military Academy in Savannah and South Georgia College in Thomasville. In 1866, he was elected to join the faculty at UGA as a professor of mathematics and commandant of cadets.

From 1893 to 1894, Snelling studied in Europe, and then returned to UGA to become a dean. He was eventually elected chancellor in 1925. Seven years later, he became chancellor of the University System and is the only person in history to have held both positions.

Snelling was popular in the Athens social scene and was the father of eight children. He retired in 1933 and died six years later. He is buried in Oconee Hill Cemetery in Athens.

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