UGA Heritage:

Soule Hall


Left to right: Soule Hall, Andrew M. Soule

Soule Hall, the oldest residence hall in the Myers community, is named for Dr. Andrew M. Soule, who came to the University of Georgia in 1907 as the president of the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.

A native Canadian, Soule earned his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Toronto and began his career in Missouri. He then served in Texas, at the University of Tennessee, and Virginia Tech before heading to Athens.

In his role at UGA, Soule increased public and financial support for the college. During his tenure, departments were established for forestry, veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and home economics. He implemented a modern program for agricultural studies, initiated the Cooperative Extension program and vastly augmented the faculty. In the history of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Soule is credited with “building a campus from almost nothing.”

In 1911 and 1916, UGA conferred upon Soule a Doctor of Science and Doctor of Laws in English, respectively. He is the author of “Agriculture: It’s Fundamental Principles,” and of numerous papers, bulletins and monographs relating to his field. In addition, he served on a number of honorary and professional groups, and lectured throughout the country.

Soule was a Rotarian and an elder in the Presbyterian Church. He was also elected a member of the UGA Agricultural Hall of Fame. He died in 1934.

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