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Focus on Faculty: Stephan Durham

The UGA College of Engineering continues to flourish since it was established in 2012. Helping lead this dramatic growth is Stephan Durham, an associate professor in the college.

Professor Durham earned his bachelor’s, master's and doctoral degrees from the College of Engineering at the University of Arkansas. He first arrived at UGA in January 2012 to assist with the development of the new undergraduate degree program in civil engineering.

Durham, whose teaching and research interests center on concrete materials, structural engineering and sustainability, enjoys engaging students with “hands-on” engineering through his Civil Engineering Materials class. He describes the course as one in which students “mix and test sustainable concrete mixtures and examine the behavior of steel and wood when subjected to loads.” He also notes that he enjoys the part of the semester during which students construct concrete Frisbees for a class competition.

In addition to teaching, Durham helped build the civil engineering program from the ground up, and now serves as its program coordinator. He has helped grow the program from 63 to 108 students in just two years. During its short existence, the college has already been awarded a 2012 Outstanding University Award by the American Concrete Award Institute, and has instituted a student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The UGA Alumni Association appreciates all that Durham has done for UGA’s engineering program!

To learn more about Stephan Durham and his work at UGA, please click here.

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Reflecting on Freshman Welcome 2014

We recently sat down with the man behind Freshman Welcome, assistant director of student programs Evan Tighe (BSED '08, MA '11). 

Last Sunday, I stood on the field of Sanford Stadium and witnessed something incredible.

After twenty minutes of instruction from members of the Redcoat Marching Band, thousands of incoming UGA freshman representing the Class of 2018 had formed a single entity on the soft green turf; they had formed the revered “Super G.”

Thousands of students, encompassing a multitude of backgrounds, hometowns, interests and intended majors gathered in one spot for the same purpose.

Thousands of students.

Thousands of futures.

Thousands of dreams.

One united display of UGA pride. 

After the official class photo was taken, I watched the students disperse and head in different directions. It was a perfect analogy, I realized. These students all have their own dreams. They will face their own challenges and realize their own successes. They will declare their own majors and they will decide their own path at UGA.

They will become our society’s new doctors, veterinarians, botanists and scientists.

They will be our new businessmen and women, executives, lawyers and political leaders.

They will serve us as our new teachers, counselors, coaches and social workers.

They will inspire us as our new poets, dancers, artists and musicians.

They will build for us as our new engineers, architects, mechanics and designers.

And then, once UGA has prepared them for their rest of their lives, they will reunite once again on the field of Sanford Stadium to throw their caps in the air. In a final display of solidarity, they will watch fireworks illuminate the stands of Sanford where they cheered on the Bulldogs and sang “Glory, Glory” countless times. They will then go on to do great things for our world.

I find that to be something I have no choice but to support. I am honored to advise a group of thirty-five students, the Student Alumni Council, who feel the same way. Even though they are not yet alumni, they have already made a monetary gift to UGA through the Georgia Fund.

Each freshman is just a tiny part of that “G.” It is only by coming together as an entire class that they can form the whole symbol. We may only be able to give a little. But together, our small gifts will become an incredible foundation which will vault the University of Georgia to even greater accomplishments.

UGA may just be one university, but it is our university.

Let’s support our students as fervently as we support our student-athletes on game day.

Let’s not allow our Georgia pride to cease at the gates of Sanford, Stegeman, or Foley.

Let’s show the world what the Red and Black is truly capable of.

Go Dawgs!

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Class of 2018 Freshman Welcome

The Class of 2018 was welcomed into the Bulldog family with style yesterday afternoon during the fourth annual Freshman Welcome.

Freshman Welcome was a day of firsts for many of the students in attendance. First time at Sanford Stadium. First time Between the Hedges. First time hearing from President Jere W. Morehead (JD '80) and Football Coach Mark Richt. First time learning UGA game day traditions like Calling the Dawgs, Krypton and the Battle Hymn of the Bulldog Nation. Click here to view a video of yesterday's festivities - or check out students' photos on Twitter and Instagram using #uga18

Already boasting the highest average GPA and SAT scores of any incoming class at UGA, the UGA Alumni Association knows the Class of 2018 will leave its mark on UGA.


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2014 Freshman Send-Off Recap

This summer, the UGA Alumni Association and alumni chapters from across the country welcomed incoming students and their families into the Bulldog family. Each participating chapter hosted its own Freshman Send-Off Party to introduce the Class of 2018 to the Bulldog Nation.

Nearly 40 chapters in 15 states participated in the Freshman Send-Off Parties, serving 1,323 students and their family members. Here are some photos from the events this summer:

We are happy to welcome the Class of 2018 and Go Dawgs!

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