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Young alumnus Kyle Green (BS ’12) launches Young Hearted Apparel clothing line

Kyle Green (BS ’12) is taking the “young” in “young alumni” to heart with his new American-made clothing line, Young Hearted Apparel.

Following graduation, Green didn't quite feel like a full-fledged adult. Young Hearted Apparel is inspired by this feeling, and appeal to “fledgling adults not quite ready to settle into life in solid stripes or basic patterns.” The line features clothing emblazoned with sea life, funky patterns, and pop art representing beloved characters of '90s television.

However, style is not Green’s only goal. He places great emphasis on the quality and origin of his products, too, using only high-grade materials and American production. The alumnus further emphasizes the point, “Producing it outside of America was one thing I wouldn’t bend on. The U.S. apparel manufacturing industry has seen such a loss, and with the economy and outsourcing being a major talking point in the last election, there was no way I was going to follow in the footsteps of other fashion companies with regard to this issue.”

Green cites UGA as having helped shape his clothing line. He credits his desire to have fun with his “young hearted mindset,” and acknowledges the important guidance he received from his professors as he built his business. “[My professors] are the ones who prepared me and gave me the tools and confidence to enter the professional world.”

Congratulations, Kyle, on all your success! Sounds like we might have a future Bulldog 100 business owner in our midst!

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Class of 2018 Freshman Welcome

The Class of 2018 was welcomed into the Bulldog family with style yesterday afternoon during the fourth annual Freshman Welcome.

Freshman Welcome was a day of firsts for many of the students in attendance. First time at Sanford Stadium. First time Between the Hedges. First time hearing from President Jere W. Morehead (JD '80) and Football Coach Mark Richt. First time learning UGA game day traditions like Calling the Dawgs, Krypton and the Battle Hymn of the Bulldog Nation. Click here to view a video of yesterday's festivities - or check out students' photos on Twitter and Instagram using #uga18

Already boasting the highest average GPA and SAT scores of any incoming class at UGA, the UGA Alumni Association knows the Class of 2018 will leave its mark on UGA.


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2014 Freshman Send-Off Recap

This summer, the UGA Alumni Association and alumni chapters from across the country welcomed incoming students and their families into the Bulldog family. Each participating chapter hosted its own Freshman Send-Off Party to introduce the Class of 2018 to the Bulldog Nation.

Nearly 40 chapters in 15 states participated in the Freshman Send-Off Parties, serving 1,323 students and their family members. Here are some photos from the events this summer:

We are happy to welcome the Class of 2018 and Go Dawgs!

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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. James Marshall Shepherd

Another star is born - and this time, it is a UGA professor stepping into the spotlight.

Dr. James Marshall Shepherd, a professor in the Department of Geography, will host a new Weather Channel show titled, “WxGeeks” (meaning Weather Geeks). 

Shepherd received his bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees from Florida State University, and joined the UGA faculty in 2006. He teaches courses including ‘Introduction to Weather and Climate’ to ‘Applied Climatology in the Urban Environment.’

Though he may be a new celebrity to the general public, Shepherd is well-known in the climate and weather community. He is a former NASA scientist, the 2013 President of the American Meteorological Society, and heads the nationally-recognized Atmospheric Sciences Program at UGA.

During each episode, Shepherd and other special guests will share expert advice, news and weather-related conversation to educate the viewers in an entertaining format.

WxGeeks producer, Mike Chesterfield, said, “We hope the show can be as geeky and technical as an offline conversation between geeky weather people would be.”

Click here to learn more about "WxGeeks."

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