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Alumni Scholarship Information

1. Study Abroad Fellowship

a. http://oie.uga.edu/sa_scholarship_general.htm

b. Two $3,000 study abroad fellowships awarded each year (one each semester) to a selected UGA undergraduate attending a UGA-sponsored study abroad or exchange program for one semester (fall or spring) or full academic year. 

c. The Alumni Association Study Abroad Fellowship funds are raised through the UGA Alumni Association and matched by the UGA Foundation Office of International Affairs International Programs Fund.

d. Eligibility Requirements:

i.  3.0 minimum GPA required. 

ii.  Must not have previously studied abroad for academic credit at the university level.

iii.  Award based on academic merit, demonstrated financial need, strong faculty recommendation, essay, and overall application.  

iv.  Fellowship recipient must be willing to meet with the Alumni Board (at a mutually convenient regularly scheduled meeting either before departure or within six months of completing study abroad program) and to correspond with designated Alumni Board staff and volunteers.

v.  Students must have completed at least one full semester at UGA prior to application and have at least one semester to complete at UGA upon return  (i.e. fellowship cannot be used for the last semester of your degree program in order to participate in post-study abroad campus activities proposed in application essay).

2. Alumni Association Endowed Scholar

a. http://osfa.uga.edu/application.html#fafsa

b. $5,000/year

c. Based on financial need and academic eligibility

d. Students are automatically considered for the scholarship through their FAFSA

e. Renewable up to 3 years and is based on maintaining HOPE scholarship

3. Center  for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO)  Summer  Research Fellows

a. http://curo.uga.edu/students/funded-opportunities/summer-fellowship

b. Participate in an intensive immersive research experience

c. Join a community of research scholars

d. Depending upon available funding, receive a $2,500 or $3,000 stipend; students who receive $3,000 must use $500 toward presentation at an academic conference

e. Earn six hours of academic credit

f. Eligibility:

i. At least a 3.4 GPA and 30 semester hours and agree to the following:

1. Enroll in two sequential Honors undergraduate research courses: HONS 4960H and HONS 4970H or HONS 4970H and HONS 4980H. Students who are awarded the fellowship must register for these classes for the regular summer session before they are eligible to receive fellowship monies. If, during the course of the fellowship, the student withdraws from these classes for any reason, the stipend must be returned in full. CURO Fellows must resign from any other UGA employment to be eligible for funding and may not be enrolled in any other courses. If selected, 6-hour Honors courses will be created for the student to register for on OASIS.

2. By the last day of classes of the summer semester, submit an abstract of the summer research to Dr. Pamela Kleiber for possible presentation at the annual CURO Symposium. Fellowship recipients are required to attend the Symposium, even if their abstract is not selected for presentation.

3. Participate in panel discussions throughout the academic year as requested by the Associate Director of Honors.

4. Center for International Trade and Security Fellow

a. http://www.uga.edu/cits/information/index.html

b. Students who’ve applied and been accepted into the Center for International Trade and Security’s Student Leadership Program have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.

c. There are three components of the Student Leadership Program:

i. A semester-long course taught by the Center faculty and staff as well as invited speakers from academia, “think tanks,” and governments;

ii. A semester-long internship with Center researchers in Athens, GA and Washington, D.C. offices working on policy-relevant research, training, and outreach projects; and

iii. The Alternative Spring Break Experience in Washington, D.C.

d. One student from the Student Leadership Program is chosen to receive a $1000 scholarship funded by the Alumni Association.  The scholarship will pay for his or her Alternative Spring Break Experience in Washington, D.C.

e. Criteria:

i. Any major is welcome

ii. GPA preferably 3.5 or above

iii. International experience/interest

iv. Knowledge of nonproliferation policy & national security

v. Excellent writing skills

5. Black Alumni Scholarship

a. http://diversity.uga.edu/resources/category/financial_assistance/

b. The Black Alumni Association Scholarship Fund provides a $1000 scholarship to a first-year student who exhibits dedication to racial equality through previous experience, initiative, and creativity in improving race relations in the community.

c. This scholarship is renewable for up to three years, provided the student maintains a cumulative 3.0 GPA. The following criteria must be met in order to be considered for the award:

i. Admission to the University of Georgia

ii. U.S. citizen or permanent resident

iii. Enrolled full-time

iv. Degree-seeking First year student (Fall 2011)

v. Demonstrated leadership qualities and ambition

6. Graduate Student diversity Engagement Award

a. http://www.grad.uga.edu/financial/awards.html

b. Started in 2008

c. The awards acknowledge the outreach accomplishments related to diversity though conducting research, engaging in scholarship, or servicing the community.

d. The awards recognize the outstanding efforts of two graduate students to achieve and sustain diversity and inclusion on the University of Georgia’s campus and/or within the larger community.

e. This award addresses a graduate student’s work with underrepresented populations within the university and/or the local community.

f. The recipients will be selected by a faculty committee appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School.

g. Two $1,000 cash prizes will be given.

h. Eligibility:

i. Students nominated for the award must be in good academic standing at the time of application.

ii. The candidate must be making satisfactory academic progress in a degree-seeking program.

iii. Students nominated for the 2010 “Graduate Student Diversity Engagement Award” are not eligible to be nominated for the 2010 “Diversity Research Scholarship” for graduate students.

iv. Previous recipients of either award are not eligible to be nominated in a subsequent year.

v. A 1-2 page statement written by the student that describes his/her efforts to achieve and sustain diversity and inclusion on the campus and/or the community and how diversity outreach efforts have been accomplished by conducting research, engaging in scholarship, as well as through service to the community.

vi. Letter of support from faculty member describing the quality, importance, and impact of the student’s engagement.

vii. Documentation from the graduate coordinator that the student is making satisfactory academic progress in a degree-seeking program.

7. Graduate School Faculty and Staff Diversity Award

a. http://www.grad.uga.edu/financial/awards.html

b. Began in 2008

c. To promote and enhance opportunities for diversity and inclusion in the classroom and within the campus learning environment.

d. To provide opportunities to foster greater communication, education, and interaction between faculty and underrepresented student populations.

e. The recipient will be selected by a faculty committee appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School.

f. A one-time cash award of $1,000 will be given.

g. Eligibility:

i. Faculty members nominated for this award must be employed and in good standing with the university at the time of nomination.

ii.  Previous recipients of this award are not eligible to be nominated in a subsequent year.

iii. Evidence of achievement related to the recruitment, retention, teaching, and graduation of underrepresented students.

8. Faculty Writing Fellowship

a. http://www.ctl.uga.edu/faculty/writingfellows

b. UGA tenure-track and tenured faculty are invited to apply by for a Writing Fellowship.

c. The Writing Fellows program was established to support faculty in their efforts to include more writing in their courses and is supported by the Office of the Vice President for Instruction.

d. Twelve faculty members are chosen each year, the Alumni Association sponsors one of the twelve.

e. Each Writing Fellow will receive a stipend of $1,000 to subsidize projects aimed at constructing courses or initiatives that will support student writing at UGA.

f. They will meet regularly to discuss the most effective ways to teach and respond to student writing.

g. Eligibility:

i. Represent a range of disciplines and instructional modes

ii.  Each candidate should send a letter of interest, endorsed by the candidate’s department or unit head, to Nelson Hilton, director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, Instructional Plaza.

9. Alumni Association Graduate Endowed Scholar

a. http://osfa.uga.edu/application.html#fafsa

b. Students are automatically considered by the Graduate School for the scholarship through their FAFSA application.

c. $5,000/year.

d. Based on financial need and academic eligibility.

e. Renewable.

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