Cabell Sweeney (BSED ‘95)

Ten years ago, 1995 graduate Cabell Sweeney gave a heartfelt gift to 1993 UGA graduate Susan Peterson.  That gift inspired the two women to launch Cabell's Designs, and they have been creating imaginative pieces of art ever since.  A three-time Bulldog 100 honoree, Cabell's Designs' painted ceramic pottery, collegiate-themed art, and Southern-styled gifts are as popular as ever.  Ten years later they still love to give gifts to each other, as well as design great products for the gift giving industry.

An excerpt from the Cabell's Designs website illustrates her passion for her craft:

"I want to walk through my garden to a studio where I design and make gifts for people all day.  And I want the gifts I design to be more than just another product in the marketplace.  I want those gifts to be part of celebrations and the making of memories."

Cabell remains involved with the UGA Alumni Association, being named to the 2012 40 Under 40 as well as serving as a guest on the UGA Alumni TV Show.  She lives in Rome with her yellow lab, Tate.

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