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Class support for UGA has been a long-standing tradition. The Senior Signature campaign is based off a concept stemming from a student-led capital raising campaign in 1920. Detailed in a May 6, 1920 issue of the Red & Black, the campaign organizers insisted that “an engraved metal tablet recording [these] gifts and the names of its donors be permanently mounted in a prominent building of the university.”

 The first Senior Signature plaque was created in 1991 with just a few hundred signatures. Today, thousands of graduating students "make their mark" by donating a minimum $50 gift to the university. This gift includes a designation option so that graduates can give to any school, college, department, program, or scholarship that has had a personal impact on them during their time at UGA.

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"You are an alumni much longer than you are a student." Words to remember when analyzing the impact you have on your alma mater.
"It is our responsibility to catapult us (the University of Georgia) into greatness." - @julescheney
"Every gift counts, every gift matters." - Johnson. Something to remember when evaluating giving back to the @universityofga
"It's our job to do everything we can to better this institution" - Meredith Gurley Johnson, Executive Director of the @ugaalumniassoc
Executive Director Meredith Gurley Johnson & Interim Assoc. Director of Alumni Programs Julie Cheney join for lunch
"It's going to stun you how strong the #UGA bond is & it's phenomenal how you (Bulldawgs) will take care of each other in life" - Provost
"We are hiring staff that other universities will take notice of" - Provost Whitten
"This university is not the same university it was 20 years ago & it's thanks to the academic strength of current students" Provost Whitten
"Face-to-face communication between professors and students makes a difference" - University of Georgia Provost Whitten
"Virtually every aspect of the university is exceptional and that is what makes us unique" - Kelly Kerner #GoDawgs
"We want to get to the position where no student has to turn down a #UGA education because of finances" a tremendous and inspiring goal
"We have to change the culture of how people think about taking care of the university" - VP Kerner
"The connections and education you get at the @universityofga can take you anywhere in the world" - Kelly Kerner #GoDawgs
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