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                        Class of 2017

Editors: Meredith Dean '14, Hillary Thornton '14

   Derek Hammock '15, Kimberly Caldwell '14,

                         Mica David '14



                         Class of 2016                                                                 Class of 2015

Editors: Kate Mathews '12, Shari McIntosh '13,          Editors: Kate Mathews '12, Shari McIntosh '13

        Meredith Dean '14, Hillary Thornton '14,                                      Josh Paine '12

             Josh Paine '12, Kenny Lewis '13



                         Class of 2014

Editors: Alan Goodno '11, Christie Haynes '10

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What street is the Tree That Owns Itself on?
Where was the first UGA home football game played?
Who do we play in the Deep South's oldest Rivalry (football)?
When was the last time Georgia won a national championship?
How many schools and colleges are there in UGA?
Who was UGA's first president?
What do the 3 pillars of the arch represent?
Come see us at at Dawgs After Dark! We're hosting UGA trivia tonight so stop by with the right answer to pick up a free T-shirt!
Come see our giant cookie at @ugaunion's Dawgs After Dark: Larger Than Life event to end Founders Week with a bang!
We had a great time at 100 Days yesterday! If you missed it, be sure to celebrate the last day of…
Can't wait to hear from great speakers tonight at @TEDxUGA's student speaker competition! #UGATurns230 #100UGAdays
100 Days is happening now in Tate Grand Hall until 3:30 today and from 10:00-3:30 tomorrow. Class of 2015, this...
#UGA15 be sure to stop by 100 Days today or tomorrow for your one stop shop for all your graduation…
Good morning and happy Founders Week! Businesses of all types from all over are setting up at the…
@EtaXiAKAs: Thanks for letting us celebrate with you for Founders Day! @UGA_SAA @ugasga #UGAturns230"
The UGA Card office is in the Founders Week spirit!
We still have plenty of Founders Week buttons in Tate Plaza! #UGAturns230
No more shirts today - get one at Dawgs After Dark on Friday though! -and Canes will be back at 1 today! #UGAturns230
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