UGA Alumni Association

UGA Alumni Association Annual Chapter Evaluation

Officers Table:

  • Officers Name Class Year Term Beginning Term Ending

Additional Officers:

  • Office Name Class Year Term Beginning Term Ending

    REMINDER: This evaluation MUST be received by the UGA Alumni Association NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1 to be considered for any Chapter Awards of Excellence and to continue receiving mailing privileges. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

  • General Information About the Chapter

    • Does your chapter currently maintain a separate web site beyond the one supplied by the UGA Alumni Associations?
    • Does your chapter maintain a Yahoo, Facebook group, etc. site?
    • Does your chapter send out an electronic newsletter?
  • Evaluation Questions

    • Please list any community service activities that your organization took part in during the fiscal year. Please list the "Dawgs Feeding dogs" Campaign if the chapter donated pet food to a local no-kill shelter. List the number of pounds collected or the dollar amount donated under HOURS.
      • Event Name Date Duration # of Volunteers
  • Other

  • Itemization of Activities

    • Use the following codes to indicate Type of Event in the appropriate column:
        • (SOC) - Social
        • (ATH) - Athletic
        • (EDU) - Educational
        • (STU) - Student
        • (CS) - Community Service
        • (FUN) - Fundraiser
        • (MTG) - Meeting
        • (NET) - Networking
        • (OTH) - Other
    • Please list all meetings:

      Name of Event Date of Type of Attendance